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Back to the detox, and other news

After getting distracted by my Blue Zones book from the library and actually reading some fiction again, I am back to reading Clean. For some reason, I am even more excited now to go through the Clean detox program. Maybe it’s because I’ve (mostly) given up wheat and dairy already, so I’m ready for my next dietary challenge. Hopefully with the changes I’ve already made, the program won’t be too difficult. I’m excited to see if it leads to any additional improvements in my health. I still struggle with my overall energy level and getting up in the mornings sometimes, although those areas are definitely better when I’m going to yoga regularly.

Our friend Mike expressed an interest in doing a detox, so he and I are going to do the Clean program together after our Colorado vacation. Mike has also been making some improvements in his diet, although not quite as drastic as the changes Ryan and I have made. I offered to start with a one-week Clean program, but Mike is not known for doing things in moderation, so he has committed to the full three weeks. Ryan bet him twenty bucks he wouldn’t be able to stick with it. In return, Mike challenged Ryan to watch an episode of MacGyver for every day that he completes the program. Should make for an interesting three weeks.

In the meantime, I’m planning on finishing the book and writing up our diet plan before and during our vacation. I’m sure our time spent in Colorado will involve much beer and carbs, and then it’s down to business.

In related news, I’ve just discovered Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss dark chocolate ice cream bars, which are completely dairy-free and soy-free and contain four (four!) organic ingredients. I am licking the wrapper as I type.  I also recently recorded a video segment about healthy living for Mutual of Omaha’s Aha Moments campaign, which will be live on the site in a couple of weeks. The site has some really great stories about the defining moments that change people’s lives … definitely worth checking out if you have a moment.

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