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Book Review: Clean

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It completely changed the way I think about food — and I already eat a pretty healthy diet. Dr. Junger provides some eye-opening information on how the standard American diet — full of processed foods, fast foods, and other unhealthy items — puts our bodies into a constant state of inflammation as it tries to fight off the dangerous chemicals and artificial ingredients we are consuming. Even foods that we are led to believe are healthy — such as wheat and dairy — are actually often the source of digestive distress.

When the digestive system is constantly attacked by toxins, the body spends its economy of energy placing a protective buffer around those irritants, and isn’t able to properly flush them out. As a result, the body can never fully enter into detoxification mode, and we are left with a host of health problems that are often misdiagnosed.

Clean is full of amazing stories of people who have cured chronic disease and other health problems by adopting a diet that allows their digestive system to rest and their detoxification system to kick into action. Even problems that seem unrelated to diet, such as seasonal allergies, headaches, and fatigue, are often resolved by eliminating certain foods.

Dr. Junger’s three-week plan is nutritionally based and allows the digestive system to rest so that the detoxification process can kick into action. The program is designed to eliminate potential irritants and allergens from the diet, allowing you to eat three healthy meals a day (one solid meal and two liquid meals) and restore balance to your internal processes.

This book is about more than diet and nutrition; it’s about being an active participant in your own health, avoiding the pitfalls of modern medicine, and giving your body the best opportunity to do what it was naturally designed to do.

I encourage everyone to think differently about what they are putting into their bodies. The detox diet presented here may be difficult for many people to follow, but it’s important to consider the bigger picture. Three weeks of abstaining from certain foods isn’t really that much to ask in return for improved health, reduced risk of degenerative disease, increased energy, weight loss, and the resolution of chronic health problems.

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