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Today was only my second day using my new shampoo bar from Lush, and already I’m finding it hard to imagine ever going back to liquid shampoo. I was skeptical at first, but when the saleswoman said that one shampoo bar is equivalent to three 250ml bottles, I was intrigued. Not only does this make solid shampoo the more economical choice, there are myriad environmental ramifications. Consider the packaging — there is none. All of Lush’s soaps, bars, and bath bombs are sold naked. All the energy and resources that would have gone into making plastic bottles are thus saved. Also, solid products last longer and weigh less than bottled liquids, so they require less energy to transport. Lush’s Web site states that one truckload of solid shampoos is equivalent to fifteen truckloads of liquid shampoos. The company also uses fresh ingredients and minimal preservatives, recognizing that preservatives traditionally used in cosmetics are harmful to the skin and the environment. According the Web site,

If 1 in 5 people in the US switched from liquid shampoo to solid, about 22 million plastic bottles would be saved from the landfill. On top of this, 6 million tons of preserved shampoo would be prevented from entering the environment.

That’s all pretty convincing. Still, I wondered, would a solid shampoo really clean my hair while keeping my waves soft and taming my frizz? The answer is a resounding yes! My hair is soft and bouncy and frizz-free. Plus, the shampoo bar smells great and lathers more than I expected. I probably used a little more than is necessary (the saleswoman told me to swipe it once around the top of my head and then once down the back), since like most people, I like a good lather (even though know lather isn’t necessary to achieve a good clean and that too much lather can even be indicative of harmful chemicals).

I’ve been trying to buy skin care products that contain fewer chemicals, but I hadn’t been putting much thought into product packaging. I never even realized there was an alternative to shampoos that came in plastic bottles! So I’m glad I’ve discovered Lush’s solid shampoo. I know it seems like a strange concept at first, but if you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint and supporting companies that are ecologically responsible, I highly recommend it.


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  1. I had never heard of non-liquid shampoo before seeing it at Lush. I’m going to have to buy some to try it out

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