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Facial product face-off

As I previously mentioned, I am in the market for a new line of natural facial products. Over the next few weeks, I will be reviewing a few different brands to determine which one best meets my needs.

Please note that my incredibly subjective testing process is not intended to evaluate long-term effectiveness of any one product. Rather, I will be sampling a variety of product lines and offering my initial impressions in terms of quality of ingredients, product diversity, and commitment of the company to providing safe, eco-friendly products. Even though I may decide against a brand, that doesn’t mean it might not be a good choice for you. To even be considered for the project, products must be free of dangerous synthetic chemicals such as SLS and parabens. Safety of ingredients will be tested against the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database.

Other considerations:

  1. Product lines must include formulations specifically designed for oily skin. (Even at 34, I am prone to breakouts.)
  2. Product lines should offer a variety of products, such as serums, eye creams, and exfoliating scrubs. Different moisturizers for night and day are preferred.
  3. Products must be locally available. I do not want to pay for shipping or have to wait for products to arrive in the mail. I also do not want to have to make a special trip into a part of the city that I don’t otherwise frequent.
  4. Products must look, smell, and feel appealing.
  5. Brands will receive bonus points for minimal product packaging and other eco-friendly factors (i.e. bar cleansers as opposed to liquids in plastic bottles; spray toners as opposed to toners that require the use of disposable cotton pads).

If there are any other product characteristics you would like to see discussed, or if you have any product lines that you would like to suggest, please let me know! I will try to post product reviews regularly for the next few weeks until I make a decision. I already have a frontrunner in mind, but you never know … I could be persuaded to go in a different direction after trying some more brands.


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