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More green hair care tips

Some of you know how much I LOVE my Lush solid shampoo bar (if you’re not familiar, you can read about it here). I am excited to report that I just discovered a way to get more use out of it.

As with a bar of soap, when the shampoo bar starts to get worn down to a sliver, it can be hard to use. If it breaks into smaller pieces and you drop them, there goes your shampoo down the drain. To avoid this, I started keeping my shampoo puck in its little tin in the shower when it starts getting small (the tin is sold separately, but I got mine free with the purchase of two shampoo bars). As the tin collects water, the shampoo bar will start getting gooey. Just a tiny dab of this goo is enough to wash your whole head of hair — I actually think it works better than the solid shampoo itself because it’s already soft and slightly sudsy. As more water collects in the tin and more of the shampoo dissolves, you’ll be left with a milky paste. Don’t dump it out! I poured some of this sudsy water over my head and was amazed by the lather I got from it. To preserve it (and to make it travel-friendly), I transferred the water into a tiny squirt bottle (you can usually buy them at Target where they have all the mini travel sizes of shampoo and whatnot). So now I have a few more days’ use out of my shampoo bar, and truly use up every speck of it.

I’ve also started using my Jungle conditioner bar as a leave-in styling product, and I LOVE it. I keep it in a soap dish in the shower also, so that it gets gooey on the bottom. Then I mush up a little bit of the goo between my hands, run it through my hair, and don’t rinse. It gives soft definition to my wavy hair that’s never sticky or crunchy like mousse. And a 2-in-1 conditioner/styling aid means I’m buying fewer products, which is good for the environment and good for my wallet.

I’ll be writing about “green hair care” for Green Diva Mom. I’ve written two articles for them so far but am still waiting for them to be posted to the site so will keep you updated.

Have a weekend day, everyone. I am off to South Dakota!


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