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Product review: Badger balms

A few months ago when Ryan was cleaning B’s bedroom, he found an assortment of fruit-flavored organic Badger lip balms that neither of us had seen before. I was both a little perplexed at B’s apparent lip balm obsession and impressed that he had chosen organic products. I tried the Highland Mint flavor and found it to be nice and moisturizing without being greasy, but B seemed reluctant to share, so I turned the balms back over to him.

I forgot about the Badger balms until recently, when — inspired by the comments from people still mourning the termination of the Vickery & Clarke cocoa butter lip balm — I went searching for a new product. Badger was the first brand that appeared in my search for “organic cocoa butter lip balms.” After checking out the website, I found that Badger offers both a line of organic lip balm sticks made with aloe vera and a line of fair trade organic cocoa butter lip balms in flavors like Vanilla Bean and Creamy Cocoa. What? Why have I not tried these before??

The Badger website says products are available at stores like Ulta, REI, Whole Foods, and Cracker Barrel. (That explains B’s collection; his grandma is obsessed with Cracker Barrel.) You can also buy products online and on Amazon. Since I was out shopping last night, I stopped in at Ulta and picked up a Vanilla Bean and a Creamy Cocoa balm. They also had some cuticle salve and some other intriguing products like Stress Soother and Headache Soother aromatherapy balms. Of course I wanted one of everything, but I limited myself to the two cocoa butter balms and a tinted lip balm, also made with organic cocoa butter plus minerals. These balms have a tinted cocoa butter balm on one end and a separate shimmer on the other, so you can control your degree of shimmer. Genius!

All the cocoa butter balms are nice and creamy, with just a hint of flavor that combines nicely with the natural cocoa butter flavor (except for the tinted balms, which do not have added flavor). The Vanilla Bean is especially awesome and reminds me of something I can’t quite place. Sugar cookies? I am also loving the tinted balm; I have been known to layer three separate lip products — balm, lipstick, and gloss — to get moisture and coverage plus shine. But this product, while perhaps not enough color for dressy occasions, does the job of all three well enough for daily use. (I got the Copper shade; there is also Rose Tourmaline, Garnet, and Red Jaspar.)

For those of you looking for an alternative to the Vickery & Clarke cocoa butter lip balm, you might like the Badger products. As of this posting, the cocoa butter balms are $5, the tinted balms are $6.50, and the aloe vera balms (which come in fruity flavors as well as a Vanilla Madagascar and an unscented) go for $3. Really not bad for organic lip balms containing awesome natural extracts like rosemary and seabuckhorn berry. And I’m all for supporting a company that supports sustainable agriculture and serves its employees free organic lunches.

Badger also makes sun care products, massage oils, body oils, moisturizers, soaps, body butter, and all kinds of awesome-sounding products that I am definitely going to be checking out in the future. For more information, visit Badger Balm.

Buy Badger products on Amazon.

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  1. I have received my Badger Balm. I have the Vanilla Bean and it is so scrumptious. Thanks again for bringing my sad Vickery and Clarke ending spirits up!

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you like them. The Vanilla Bean is awesome!

  2. Thank you Karen! I am going to order some RIGHT NOW. I am hoping it will replace my obsession with the Vickery and Clarke balm. You rule.

    1. Awesome … Let me know how you like them!

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