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Skincare review: MyChelle Dermaceuticals

MyChelle Dermaceuticals was the first skin care company I checked out for my natural skin care project. My local health food store carries an extensive supply of the products, including nifty little travel kits for various skincare needs, such as anti-aging, sensitive, or sun damaged. I picked up the All-In-One travel pack for oily skin for $25. Talk about product diversity! I received travel sizes of oil-free moisturizer, night cream, two cleansers, a peel, a scrub, a mask, two serums, and sunscreen, plus additional samples of self tanner, cleanser, and moisturizer, and a full-sized toning spray.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals markets itself as natural skin care that is “always free of phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, ureas, EDTA, fragrances, encapsulated nano particles, and artificial colors.” The company seems very committed to providing non-toxic, plant-based, cruelty-free products (no products are tested on animals), and most of the ingredients rate a respectable 1 (low hazard) on the Skin Deep Cosmetics Safety Database. I also love that MyChelle offers lots of different serums and treatments for different skin types.

A word on serums: Ever since my days of working behind the Clarins counter, I’ve tried to choose product lines that offer targeted skin serums. Many moisturizers today offer additional benefits, such as free-radical-fighting antioxidants, but moisturizers can only do so much. To really address your specific skin concerns, you need to use serums in your daily skincare routine. Serums can be layered, meaning you don’t have to choose just one, and they provide targeted treatment for anti-aging, brightening, firming, and other skin issues. Serums can also provide more protection from environmental damage, and are great for replenishing nutrients at night.

Favorite products: I enjoyed the Fruit Enzyme Scrub, a very fine exfoliant containing bamboo and jojoba. It smelled like Trix cereal and left my skin feeling smooth and soft. I also love that the company has spray toners, including the Fruit Enzyme Mist, which also smells yummy.

Downside: Aside from the Fruit Enzyme products, most of the product scents didn’t appeal to me. Most of them smelled like something my grandmother would use. And I didn’t receive much oil-control action from the Oil-free Grapefruit Cream. Overall, there just wasn’t enough of a wow factor to justify the price ($29.95 for one ounce of moisturizer). The packaging could use an eco-update as well: most products come in bottles or jars that are sold inside boxes.

Bottom line: Not for me, but if you want a paraben-free line that offers lots of different options in serums, scrubs, and masks, you might enjoy it. I also recommend the Del Sol sunless tanner with aloe, which doesn’t smell icky like most other self tanners out there. At $13.34 for 2.3 ounces, it’s one reasonably-priced product I may go back for.

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MyChelle Dermaceuticals


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