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The anti-cancer diet

Ryan and I have discovered a couple of documentaries about the Gerson therapy on Netflix recently: The Gerson Miracle and Beautiful Truth. What is the Gerson therapy? Well, basically, it’s the cure for cancer.

Wait a second, you’re probably thinking. There is no cure for cancer. Isn’t that what our scientists are trying to figure out? Isn’t that why I bought a pink t-shirt and wore a pink ribbon all last month?

Screw the pink ribbons. I don’t trust any health organization that would partner with KFC anyway.

Just watch the first 30 minutes of The Gerson Miracle, and you’ll probably agree with me.

It’ll tell you that in the late 1940s, the cancer rate was one in 16. Today, it’s one in two. It’ll tell you that due to nutritional deficiency and toxicity, your chance of getting cancer or some other degenerative disease is virtually guaranteed. It’ll tell you that although Dr. Max Gerson — a German Jew who escaped Nazi persecution by feeling to New York in the late 1930s— developed a diet plan that was shown to cure tuberculosis, diabetes, skin diseases, asthma, and — yes — even cancer, his treatment is illegal in the United States. It’ll tell you that laws in the US prohibit the treatment of cancer by any means other than radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. Why? Because treatments based on nutrition don’t benefit the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Gerson died in 1959, but his daughter Charlotte continued his work and opened a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, where patients come from all over the world to seek cancer treatment. One woman who was diagnosed with malignant cancer had a clean biopsy after just two weeks of Gerson therapy. Another not only saw her cancer resolve, but noticed that the scar tissue on her face and nose — the result of a car accident when she was 16 — had also disappeared.

So how exactly does the Gerson therapy work? A key component is juicing. Juicing allows nutrients from fruits and vegetables to enter the bloodstream quickly, flooding the body with nutrients it may have been deprived of for decades. Gerson patients drink 8 ounces of fresh juice thirteen times a day. That’s about 20 pounds of organic produce. Every day.

The first time I watched The Gerson Miracle, I became so upset I couldn’t finish it. The second time I watched it, I got angry. If more people knew about this, maybe we wouldn’t have so much illness. Maybe our health care system wouldn’t be such a mess. Maybe people could actually learn how to prevent disease instead of waiting until it’s too late. Maybe my uncle would still be here.

Do yourself a favor. Educate yourself. Go buy a juicer. A bag of organic carrots costs one dollar. That’ll make you a big, tasty glass of juice, especially if you throw in a couple of apples or an orange. Stop filling your body with crap. Stop using toxic cleaning products and personal care products. Stop buying into the idea that you’re going to die from something eventually, so it doesn’t matter if you eat junk food, or don’t exercise, or smoke. It matters.

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  1. Great article. I have Netflix too, so I may get that documentary.

    1. It’s definitely worth watching. Very eye opening!

  2. Sadly, too late for Uncle Greg and for all the others who lived with cancer and eventually died from their illness and the side effects of chemo and radiation. This seems so easy and simple, people should be informed and stop thinking there aren’t options to expensive medical practices and procedures. Your blog could bring hope and health to someone! Let’s hope many others watch the documentary.

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