The Western diet and diseases of civilization

I had some requests to share my midterm research paper for my holistic nutrition class, so here it is. Keep in mind this is hardly an exhaustive report; the assignment called for only 3-6 pages (which I far surpassed). The task was to choose a specific nutrition topic introduced in our reading this semester and to review and analyze 2 or 3 current scientific articles on the subject.

I chose “The Western Diet and Diseases of Civilization” for my subject, as I am fascinated by research that shows an increase in major chronic diseases after traditional cultures adopt a more westernized diet. The cited studies are worth reading if you have the time (the report by Loren Cordain is the longest but also the most informative), as is Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, which is mentioned several times in my report.

Enjoy, and feel free to provide any feedback!

The Western Diet and Diseases of Civilization (pdf)

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